Welcome to Bodywork Therapeutics / AIS Wellness scheduling page. 

We are happy to make ourselves available, free of charge, during the course of telephone sessions at scheduled times throughout the week to answer questions about concerns you may have, and where to find answers and solutions on achieving or regaining a thriving state of wellness best adapted to your needs.

[Clarity Calls] are designed to inform and orient individuals who are actively looking for options and effective solutions to their current set of physical and movement issues. Depending on the nature of the concern -- whether it is about new Fitness Goals, unresolved injuries, pre-/ or post- surgery re-education, or insidious chronic pain -- a Clarity Call can last up to 30 minutes, and is free of charge.

[Laser Coaching Calls] are for current clients/ patients enrolled in a Program with us. These 15-min. calls are designed to help provide the necessary support to progress on an existing plan, or path of action. 

Please choose your time zone in the [Select Date and Time] section and be sure to include your phone number in your [Contact Info]. 

Thank you for reaching out. I look forward to our talk.  

For the Best in Health and Healing,

Dominique Daly, BCTMB, LMT, CPT, AIS

Board Certified Bodywork & Movement Therapist

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